Monday, August 27, 2007

I am no longer blogless!!!!!

Thanks to my son, the computer genius, I am no longer blogless. I have wanted one for a long time. I so enjoy reading the knit blogs of others. I wanted to "join the fray" and share my love of knitting. I spend way too much time knitting. Everytime I think of that phrase from that movie "The Sixth Sense" ("I see dead people"), I think to myself "I see knit stitches". Am I the only one? I see lace knitting in flowers, spider webs, nature, stitches in colors of spring and fall, stitch texture in leaf construction. When I see a knit design, in my mind, I start designing a crocheted version and the same with crochet. I have so many shawls in the "unfinished object" category that it is insane. Shawl and lace knitting are my latest addictions. I cannot get enough of shawls. I have square ones, round ones, triangular ones, handwoven ones, in all colors. It seems that I cannot help starting one without finishing the ones that I have started. I am curious to see how many unfinished knit projects other knitters have going. It is so bad here that I need to buy another "Denise Interchangeable Needle Set", so that I don't have to keep stealing the needles from one project to work on another. As of this date, I have approximately 10 shawls going. I have 2 squares both in Baruffa, 2 circulars in Knitpicks laceweight Alpaca and Jojoland laceweight, 2 triangulars in Kidsilk haze and Patons Lacette, one rectangular in a rayon/wool 2/14 yarn, 2 entrelac shawls in Jojoland dk wool and Grignasco Top Print Alpaca, and last but not least one on my loom that is made in handpainted wool and woven with chenille. There may be others that I have long since forgotten. Do you see a problem here? I only have one set of shoulders. In my defense, some are for my job as a designer. Apparently, I have knitters ADD.


Mary said...

Congrats! I'll add you to my blog list that I try to look at every day or so. Be sure to post lots of pictures:)

Are you going to do any dyeing soon? I'd love to come over and learn how.

greengal said...

Yeah, Kay!!

Karen said...

Hi Kay,

I was very surprised to find out that the lady posting to my blog was indeed THE Kay Meadors! I hope my blog entry represented what you felt it needed to.

Kathie said...

I love you my friend :) I'm so glad you are no longer blogless

tamatha said...

Hey Kay!
I really like your blog!It is very entertaining.Love ya!
Matt & Tammy