Monday, November 5, 2007


October 18th
So much has happened since my computer glitch. We had to unload our computer and wipe it all clean. I am relieved to have it back and have so much to catch up on. The last time that I was able to post was on Oct. 17th. I went with my husband on a drive to a meeting. I took a shawl that I had started last year with me and finished it!!!! Now, I only have my 2 Entrlac shawls to complete.

October 19th
Here are some photos of my dye day results with a friend. You can tell what yarn I dyed. I am a creature of the Autumn color palette! Mary was a lot better at dyeing outside her box.

These colors were so lovely. I used Cushing dyes. On the yarn below, I used Mulberry, Terra Cotta, and Olive Green on the top row.


fleegle said...

Those are lovely colors! Merino?

Baruffa is wonderful yarn. If you want to do it fleegle-style, you also need a cat in your lap while knitting.

Kay said...

Merino, yes, cat, no. Allergies. Thank God, I am not allergic to wool.

Jackie said...

Beautiful colors, Kay!