Monday, November 5, 2007

Other adventures in knitting

I finished 2 pairs of socks to match shawls of the same yarn. I finished my "latest lace knitting fix" (see Oct 17th picture of edging). We went back to SDC for the last weekend of the Craftman Festival. Here is photo of me with my friend Linda at her booth.

It was quite chilly that day. My hands were freezing from knitting, but I was having fun!


boo4baby said...

Kay, I LOVE your knitting pictures! You are so talented! I hope that Nancy checks out your blog! She would love this! I'm going to add you to my site! Maybe we can catch up here.

boo4baby said...

By the way, I would love to learn to knit. The one time I tried, I knit myself into a circle!!! : D My girls do much better than I did.

Jackie said...

Hi Kay!

Just letting you know that I'm getting e-mail but having problems sending them right now. Love your costume!