Friday, December 28, 2007

Table Runner

Here are some pictures of my table runner.

This is the center pattern stitch section. It is one of my favorites.

Warning here! I am about to drag out my soap box!!!!
I am slightly opinionated (Kathie, quit laughing). I could never take an art appreciation class at college. I would fail the class. I cannot find art in just anything. I am offended by people with no talent slopping something on a canvas and calling it art. Creative outlet, maybe. Art, NO! To me art takes talent. If it brings you joy, by all means, go ahead, but I think to call it art is a slap in the face to those who truly are talented artists. Sorry, I know I will get smacked for my opinion, but opinions are like noses and everybody has a different one. Then again, I guess art is in the eye of the beholder and if a painted toilet paper roll glued to a canvas speaks art to you? Well........

I found this quote in the front of my new weaving book and I would like to share it with you.

What art means to me, by C Valentine Kirby

~I feel within an impulse, perhaps that divine impulse which has moved all races-
in all ages and in all climes, to record in-enduring form the emotions that stir within.
~I may model these emotions in clay,-carve them in wood, hew them in stone,-
or forge them in steel. I may weave them in textiles, paint them on canvas or voice
them in song: but whichever I do I must-harken always to the song of the lark and
the melody of the forest and stream and respond to the color of the rose and the-
structure of the lily, so that my creation-may be in accord with God's laws and-
the universal laws of order, perfect fitness and harmony.
~Moreover, I must make my creation good and honest
and true, so that it may be a credit to me and live after I am-dead, revealing to others something of-the pleasure which I found in its making.
~Then will my creation be Art whether I be poet or painter, blacksmith or cobbler, for I shall have labored-honestly and lovingly in the realization of an ideal.

What does art mean to you?


fleegle said...

Beautiful runner!

I am an aesthetic clod. Art doesn't mean anything to me at all. There are things I admire and enjoy looking at. Whether or not they are art I will leave to others. I don't care much for defining the indefinable.

boo4baby said...

Love the runner! It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks again for letting me give Nancy such a wonderful gift! It was really gorgeous and I think she loved it!

As for "art"......lots of things that are counted as "art" I just don't get. "Art" to me is in the eyes of the beholder. It is all about what we value and if we can see the value in something. What did it take to "create" it? Just my opinion.

Jackie said...

Fabulous table runner!!!

I'm afraid I'm only able to recognize very very obvious art. I see life emanating from art and art can be anything done that ends up having a life of it's own. For example, the first time I saw a Van Gogh original in L.A., I felt heat and heart-wrenching emotions coming from it. I saw a bluegrass harmonica player create a box of translucent swirls around his harmonica. My dad's doctor created a vase in mustard and eggplant colors containing turquoise liquid when he examined my dad about a week before he died. A hospital volunteer pastor prayed over my dad a couple of days before he died and that man created a small bundle of translucent swirls over my dad's tummy through prayer. All of these to me are evidence of very advanced artwork. There are plenty of us, including me, who create art that just hasn't become life yet. I can't recognize them but I hope we'll eventually be able to have our work emanate life that these super-advanced artist have been able to do.

Hope you guys don't think I'm a nut case.