Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Lyra progress

I have made great Lyra progress. I am now at Rnd 95. I probably will not make progress on it this weekend. I have been feverishly working on my Lyra because the Half Circle Cardigan (my other project) was boring me to tears. As everyone who knows me knows, I cannot sit and do nothing!!!!
I am on the back portion of the cardigan. I have to do K2, P2 ribbing on 146 sts for 132 rows. The progress just seems to be so slow and boring. I was beginning to hate the fact that I had even started it, wondering if it would even look good on me. I hate to spend a long time on a project and then just hate it. I love the variation of the colors on the yarn I am using. A knitting/church friend came over yesterday to have me help get her back on track on a pair of socks. She had a fit over the colors in the yarn, it made me see that it really was very lovely. Isn't that just like a knitter? I got her on track with her knitting and she got me back on track with mine. So this weekend, I am going to be trying to finish my Half Circle Cardigan through the 132 rows of the back. Here is a picture of the weird shape. Of course, the choice of color is no surprise. I love autumn shades.

When I finish this, I am going to reward myself with a new mindless knitting project. I have a pattern that I bought from my local yarn store that is called diagonal cardigan. It calls for Noro yarn, but I plan on substituting JoJoland worsted weight. It, too, is a slow variegating yarn, but a lot softer that the Noro. They both call for the same gauge on the label. This cardigan is made all in garter. It consists of 3 squares made on the diagonal. The back is one square and the two fronts are the other 2. The excess on the fronts fold back in a chic lapel that you can set off with a great shawl pin. The square is made by starting out with 2 sts and all the rows are (increase in first st, knit across). Once you get to a certain width diagonally, you decrease the first st and knit across until you are back to 2 sts. The sleeves are just plain garter. If you click on the JoJoland word above it will show you the colorway that I plan on using. I hope to be able to work on this on my Jefferson City trip in March. It will make a great road trip project.
In the design department, I am experimenting with multi-directional crochet. I love multi-directional knitting and think the same idea in crochet would be very interesting and great fun.

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