Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Lyra progress

Well, I am still on Rnd 86 of my Lyra. I did not get an opportunity to knit yesterday. I have an overloaded ironing basket. My Michael has an office job, so his work uniform is dress pants, dress shirt and tie. I have about 11 shirts that I take to the cleaners once a month, but other than that I do all the starching and ironing. I usually do enough to keep him set for 2 weeks, that means I usually iron about 21-25 items at one setting, mostly pants. What is it about wrinkle free clothes? Am I the only one who thinks they don't look wrinkle free? I always have to iron them. So yesterday was spent bending over the ironing board. Today, I had to get two fillings and the impression made for 3 crowns. I need to get a job just to pay for dental work. All my fillings, which are 25 years old, are failing. I forgot how much I hate having my teeth worked on. Even right now, my right upper lip feels like it is the size of a Buick!!!
Did not get around to making a item list for the next book that I want to do, but that won't happen today, either. What I need is for my publishers to call me and light a fire under my hind end. But today, I need to reconcile my checkbook and do my Bible study.


boo4baby said...

Sorry you didn't get to work on it. You sound like you have teeth like me! Wade tells people that he inherited my teeth when he married me. :D

We are schooling, cleaning, exercising, laundry (I have an ironing basket like you, too).....and I really want to do something else......like handwork. I also just posted and lost it! UG! What a day! Oh, well, I guess God wanted me to return to school.

boo4baby said...

I have horrible teeth! We have spent so much money on my mouth! I am glad you are not like that!

I hope you make some progress today. I am hoping to make copies today of your instructions. Will you be at church tonight?