Monday, March 10, 2008

Lost in Fiber Space..........

What a weekend! My trip was supposed to begin on Thursday night, but a freak snow storm decided to just stall upon the path of 3 of our 4 hours route to Springfield, MO. We were to make the rest of the journey to Jefferson City, MO on Friday morning. Thursday night found me looking as sad and droopy as a basset hound. I thought for sure that all was lost. But my sweet Michael woke me up early Friday morning and informed me that "all was not lost" & "there is a clear path AROUND the mess". We had to travel an hour or so out of our way, but we managed to get there late Friday afternoon. This meant that I missed my Triangular Loom Weaving class. Since I missed the class, I purchased the mini set of looms for home. Here they are. They are portable and I hope to make some neat things with them. You can buy them here. If you love the "Lost in Fiber Space" pin, it can be purchased there, too.

On the way up to Jefferson City, I spotted a yarn store in called "The Yarn Basket". It is located in Osage Beach, MO. It was a great store and the owners were real nice. I wish more yarn store owners would realize how important that is. Nothing turns me off of a purchase worse than snooty shop owners and workers. If I ever own a yarn store, I will burn that into every employee's brain. Be friendly!!!! I am enthusiastic about yarn and if you own a yarn store, you should be, too. And PLEASE get workers who know yarn!!!!! Sorry! One of my pet peeves! Anyway, I bought this book. I had been wanting to buy one, but online the shipping was almost as expensive as the book. Now for pictures of my stash that I purchased at the retreat market.
This is some variegated roving from Brown Sheep. It is superwash wool and I will spin it and make me a yummy pair of socks.

This is some variegated roving that is a blend of merino and mohair. I have bought a bunch of this lovely fiber from this vendor and I, always, come back for more. It is a dream to spin!
Not all of it is for me. I have friends who placed orders and we will fight over who gets what.

Now these solid colors are all mine. I bought them to do an experiment that I have in my head. I am wanting to spin a slow variegating yarn of 2 ply. The core color will be the light tan to the left with the other ply being broken into the 4 other colors. I hope it works.

This is a picture of my Saturday morning class. It was a spinning class with Judith MacKenzie McCuin. What a fount of spinning knowledge this woman has. I learned so much from her class. Sat night she spoke on bison. She was very easy and entertaining, a joy to listen to and talk to.

I am so glad that I got to go. I really enjoyed the fiber overload! You meet new, interesting, and unique people every year. It is so fun to sit, knit, chat and enjoy our common love of "all things fiber".

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fleegle said...

I am so glad you got to go and that you had a wonderful time!

Your loom thingies don't look like her loom thingies. What do you do wit them, anyway?