Monday, March 17, 2008

Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights

This is the lace weight wool that I dyed for my Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights Shawl. I could not decide between the purples or the blues. The russets is for my buddy in Oregan. She (lucky dog) is going on vacation to Morocco this fall, so she is wanting to make this shawl for the trip. I love the russets, but everyone who knows me knows that everything I own is that color. I have about 3-5 shawls those colors. I thought I would be unpredictable. I dyed the purples and it is gorgeous, but I am so NOT a purple person. My buddy Kathy is, but she already has one of my lovely creations in purples! I wanted to have this shawl for dressy occasions and I can just see it this winter with a black velvet dress!!! Yum! This is the shawl that takes 5000 beads. Mine will take 3000. It will be fun to knit along with Jackie.
Oh, by the way, I got my invitation to Ravelry!!! Fun website.

This is a picture of my Trenna yarn. I am knitting a shawl for a contest sponsored by Little Knits. It gave me an excuse to get some!!!


Denise~ said...

Your yarn for MDAR looks wonderful! Very impressive!

I just got my kit this week and am waiting on beads to arrive.

R. D. Bailey said...

i love the picture you take of your yarns. i was telling my wife about them last night. I was a studio art minor, and absolutely love any kind of art. especially when there is such obvious enthusiasm behind it.