Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I know that I have not been officially diagnosed, but I have all the symptoms. I have started 3 new project without having finished the others. I am almost finished with my Schaefer Trenna Shawl. I only lack the edging. That really needs to be my first priority. It needs to be blocked and mailed by the 1st of May. I have the Lyra shawl that I am working on. The square sampler shawl that lays unloved and in a pile, two pairs of sock, and my diagonal cardigan that needs to be put together.
I started my Arabian Nights shawl last night. I had to! I am knitting that with a knitting buddy from Oregon. She started Sunday and I did not want to get behind.
Last week, I started a bulky cardigan with the Lopi that I bought at the yarn/yard sale. I could not help myself! It was crying out to be made into a cardigan and I just had to make it stop calling me! I had this new technique that had that yarn written all over it. I will probably not be able to wear this thing until December because it is so bulky. But I am loving the way it is looking!
I, also, started a multi-directional square out of some of the cottons that I bought at the yarn/yard sale. I have this thing for color blocks. Maybe that is why quilting appeals to me. Anyway, as you can see, I have TMUKPADD (too many knitting projects attention deficit disorder).


fleegle said...

Yes, you do :) Fun, isn't it?

Jennifer said...

I think they make a pill for that... :)

Kathie said...

You, my friend, are too funny...and I love that about you :)