Monday, June 9, 2008

Mountain View Spin-In

I had a great time at Mountain View, Saturday. We had a Spin-In. We had a great turn out. I met people that I had been conversing with on Ravelry (Morandia). It is so much fun to meet other fiber-addicts. In spite of gas prices, I mainly went to see buddies. I have quite a few who live hours away and we try to hook up at these meeting (Sue and Joann).
I love the wool I am spinning. I dyed the roving for a friend. The colors are so ME! She told me she liked the same colors that I do, so I dyed it like I would my own. I cannot wait to see it plied.
Here is a photo of the roving and spinning.
I know, no surprises on the colors! What can I say ? I like what I like!
I am making progress on my Tatamy Tweed Worsted Cardigan. I am at the point where I divide for the body and sleeves. It is turning out quite lovely.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Those are lovely colors ~ my favorites, too ;)

What type of spinning wheel do you have?

Kate/Massachusetts said...

That roving that you dyed is incredibly beautiful! I love the way it is spinning up. Your friend is very lucky! Do you ever sell your painted roving?

Kay Meadors said...

Sorry, Kate. I don't sale it. This was some that a friend got as a present from her kids and I told her that I would dye it and spin it for her. It is some very nice merino, super soft, easy to spin. I am not a very good spinner, but I do know how to dye. I dyed it using Jacquard dyes that we mixed using the primary colors and warmed up with a little brown, then we set it in the microwave. Glad you like it. I can't wait to see it plied.