Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weary of road trip knitting...

Well, I am weary of knitting! Of the 4 projects that I took, I only worked on one, the Autumn Pi Shawl. I am always too optimistic when it comes to how much knitting I think I can do on a road trip. I forgot how long it takes to do one round of 600 sts, TOO LONG!
I knitted from the time I left AR, well I did put it down to sleep and eat, but that is pretty much the only time. I calculated how many sts that I knitted since leaving AR and I knitted approximately 51,000 sts. I was determined to get the Pi shawl to the edging point, determined to the point of weariness! To say the least, I was sick of warm butterscotch yarn by the time I got back home!
I picked up my white Arkansas Diamonds shawl last night and it was lovely to see and feel a different yarn and color.
Road trips are not just an opportunity to knit, but a great chance to visit new yarn stores and old favorite. I got to visit three on this trip, two on the way up and one on the way back.
My first yarn store stop was in Bowling Green, KY. It is called Crafty Hands. I was so thrilled to find that it was right off the interstate and very easy to get to. They had a great yarn selection. I had a hard time deciding what to get. I already had too much yarn at home! I was looking for something that I did not have in my stash. I was finally won over by some very light fingering weight yarn called "Naturally Dawn". It is a 2 ply 50% NZ Wool 50% Silk yarn. It comes in 25 gram balls, but the yardage is great, 171 yards. I bought the color Burnt. It doesn't have many of the wool characteristics. I think that is why it followed me home. My new fiber of choice is silk and it was so soft and silky. I have no idea what shawl I will make with it, but I look forward to knitting with it.

My second yarn stop was in Berea, KY. It is called Log House Craft Gallery. They had some of my favorite Kraemer yarn, Tatamy Tweed Worsted, in a really yummy color that I had not seen. I really wanted to take it home with me, but was keeping in mind that I had 2 more yarn shops to visit and was pacing my yarn spending.
I visited a great shop in downtown Berea where local artists had items for sale. I found 2 hand turned shawl sticks. I could not decide which shade I would need, so I bought two. I wish that I had been thinking and purchased a few extra for friends for Christmas giving!
On our way home, my intentions were to visit a new store in Russellville, KY,
Enchanted Yarn and Fiber, and an old favorite from last year in Clarksville, TN. I called Enchanted Yarn and Fiber and found out that they were closed on Mondays, but they were willing to let me come in and shop. The shop was behind their home. Wasn't that the nicest customer service?! Let me tell you, yarn addicts understand yarn addicts. It was a great yarn shop. I could just see me having one just like it. I had a wonderful visit with the owners. They had some wonderful yarns, spinning wheels and lots of beautiful rovings. Ya'll know that I did not buy roving, spinning is just not my "main thing". But they had Jojoland yarn and Jojoland sock yarn in one of my new favorite yarns. I almost bought a fall colorway and realized that it was a color that I had ordered from Little Knits last week, so I chose a purple. Yes, a purple. I love working with this yarn, but I do not need another shawl, so I bought a color that I could use to make someone else a shawl. If it had been in one of my colors, I would have been tempted to keep it. Anyway, it is really hard to pick a favorite in Jojoland yarn. You want a bag of every color! The sock weight makes the loveliest shawls and blocks like a dream.

I only have one regret at this yarn stop! I was pacing my purchases so that I could get something at the Clarksville, TN yarn store. The problem was that the Clarksville, TN yarn store no longer existed! I would have bought another color of the Jojoland or have splurged on the Schaefer Andrea 100% silk lace weight yarn that Enchanted Yarn and Fiber carried, if I had known that this was my last chance for yarn. I was bummed out! I learned a valuable lesson, call before you leave AR to plan your yarn store stops!
Knitting progress-- I bound off my Button wrap this morning. Will photo it later.


Gina said...

The other day Nin (the 4 y/o) came to me and asked, "Mommy, when I get older can I learn to make stuff with two sticks like [someone on a TV show she watches, I forgot who]?" I asked, "You want to learn to knit?" She said, "Uh-huh!" I told her I knew just who we needed to talk to. :) I know she's too young now, but as soon as you say she's old enough - I'm ready to plop her down in front of you and let you teach her! :) Glad you had a good vacation and you got some beautiful yarn!!

Kathie said...

Oh my, that purple yarn is gorgeous!!! I'm glad you are home safe and sound. It sounds like you had a good time yarn hunting. How was the rest of the trip.

fleegle said...

Oh, but the yarn buying looks like it was so much fun! Pretty stuff, my dear.