Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Road Trip Knitting

Friday, Saturday and Sunday provided many opportunities to knit. I had my yearly Fiber Retreat at Jefferson City, MO. We hit the road Friday morning. I was so "in the zone" with my knitting. As usual, I took too many projects. I only worked on my two shawl that I am making in Jojoland Melody. I just cast off ZigZaginess this morning, so now, I have clear sailing on my remake of my Triangular Leaf Shawl in Jojoland Melody.
At about 4:30 Friday, I had an opportunity to stop at one of my favorite yarn stores. I found this store last year on the way up. It is called the Yarn Basket and it is in Osage Beach, MO. I arrived just in time to visit with alot of the regular knitters. Some of them were going to be at the Retreat in Jefferson City. I did a show-n-tell of what I was knitting and a shawl and sweater that I had brought along to wear. I signed a couple of my books for 2 of the ladies and I shopped for yarn. I bought a new shade of Jojoland Melody.Found some perfect buttons for some yarn that I already had....
Found another color in a favorite sock yarn......It is not really sock yarn. It is called Knitcol trends by Adriafil.
Saturday found me with two 4 hour classes. My first one was basket weaving. This is the basket that I made. It was taught by Barbara Johnson. I really enjoyed the class and my Michael was impressed by the basket making skills.
My other class was a Summer/Winter weaving class taught by Tom Knisely of The Mannings. I learned alot, but am not real sure that I took to that kind of weaving. I wish I had taken the Overshot weaving class, but I would not have been able to take the basket weaving class and I would not have wanted to miss that.
Lovely time, lovely knitting....
Traveling Shawl progress--It is in OK with Denise. 31 States down and 19 to go. Check out our blog here.


K said...

I love the yarn colors, love the buttons, love the sock yarn and LOVE the basket. I have missed you, friend. Will you be at bible study tonight...I have something for you :)

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, the sock looks like tapestry colors......just love it. What are its particulars (skein info)

SSK* said...

L-O-V-E the new yarn!

I should have met you at the retreat - it's only 4-5 hrs away from here. You must tell me the dates next year. I want to make a basket!

P.S. Did your boys get their root beer fix?