Friday, May 15, 2009

Still chasing my tail.....

Life is still hectic...and I am still chasing my own tail.
But here is a quick and dirty update. Here is our group that was going to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in NM, waiting to get everyone's luggage checked in.
Here is my pilot for my first ever flight. He got us there safe. This was the flight from Little Rock to Dallas. The jury is still out on whether I like to fly.This is my second pilot. He flew us from Dallas to Albuquerque.

Then we spent a few hours in Old Town. My super powers of sniffing out yarn worked wonderfully. I found a yarn store in Old Town called Fiber Chicks. I bought this fingerweight silk as my souvenir. I am going to make Gail out of it.
New Mexico always takes my breath away. I am so amaze at the beauty that can be seen in a place that has very little green on the ground.

I want to tell you about one of the highlights of my time in Old Town. It even makes the silk yarn pale in comparison. We came upon a book signing. These gentlemen are Code Talkers from WWII. I felt so blessed to have met these men. I thanked them for being the reason that we won the WWII war. I told them that they were my heroes. If they had not served their country, my father-in-law may not have come home from the war. My father-in-law would not have married my mother-in-law and they would not have had my Michael. I own so much to these brave men. Thank you dear sweet men.
My oldest sister came down from Phoenix for Mother's Day. Here she is with my Ben and my brother's son. Nathan is really tall. Ben is 6 feet tall. Teresa, she is a shrimp! I could not get used to her being blond. When we were shopping, I kept wondering who that strange woman was hanging around my mom!
Here is my mom, my oldest sister, me and my oldest brother. He is younger than me by 11 months. He is Nathan's dad.
Here is my spanish lavender in bloom. I show you this so that you can see the color that I wanted to go with my Lavender Fields Shawl.
Here is the yarn and beads. Glenn is knitting it for me in this solid. I am almost half done with the one that is in the Lavender Fields colorway. Here is my False Indigo that Ben got me last year for Mother's Day. Isn't it nice that it bloomed for this Mother's Day.
Here is me and Ben. We just finished planting my rose bush that they bought me for Mother's Day. I love getting something that I can plant and I can enjoy it for many years. Here is a close up of one of the roses. Here is the whole bush. It is a smoky dark tomato red. It is called Hot Cocoa. I love it.
So, what have I been knitting/working on? Well, this is a shawl I made for a cousin. I needed to test this shawl pattern. It is called First Shawl. It is for beginner lace knitters. I used beads on it, too. Check out the next photo to see the edging and the beads. I am working on some cutie crochet for kids. This is a sneak peak. I will clue you in better soon. I have made about 10 of these. You will understand why when I finish them. If you are a crocheter and have a little girl in you family, getting your crochet hook warmed up real soon. You will want to make a bunch of these.
Traveling Shawl progress--It is now with my buddy, Jackie, in OR . She is our 41 st knitter! Check out our blog here. We got featured in another article, this time in Salt Lake Tribune. Check it out here.


Gina said...

Love the yarn you got in NM! And the new shawl pictured is stunning!!!! How incredible to have gotten to meet the Code Talkers. I think their story is so incredibly fascinating!! Did you buy a book?

Delighted Hands said...

Excellent post-you sure have been busy but it is all good busy! Love the shawl and the rose!

boo4baby said...

I love reading your blog, Kay! I can't wait to see what the kids' thing is! I just love the pictures of your trip.......the book signing and the yarn you found. Thanks for sharing.

Lea-Ann said...

Enjoying looking through your blog. What did you use for blocking this shawl??