Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweet Little Nothing

What have I been doing?
This is Gail's baby quilt. Isn't it so lovely.Here is mine.
I went yesterday to quilt them at another friends house. She has a quilting machine and I made quick work of it. I also got the love for that machine of hers. What fun! I am already planning another quilt so that I can go play on it again.

This a cute little shoulder cover for summer. I call it my Sweet Little Nothing. I just adore it! It took less that 400 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn. I have several more in line to be made.
I designed this to wear as a cover-up for my sleeveless summer dresses. I wanted something quick, simple, cotton, knitted from the neck down and as simply knit as possible. I made it with a wider, sort of ballet neck. It does not have a buttonhole. I used a large 1” button and sewed a snap on under it. It would look wonderful with a nice antique pin.
This is a brainless, super easy, quick summer knit. Enjoy.
I have some Brown Sheep Cotton in a Provincial Rose that I plan on using next.
Here is a photo of my Strawberry version of my crocheted yoke dresses. This is Amesley. Isn't she as sweet as a strawberry?

Traveling Shawl progress--It has been to North Dakota and is now in South Dakota with Kathleen. This is our 46th state! We had another article published. Check it out here. Check out our blog here.


Delighted Hands said...

What beautiful results! Love the quilt tops-do we get to see them after the quilting?!

Irene said...

I love all your designs. Have a wonderful summer!