Thursday, August 27, 2009

Done, done and more done!

Last week, I finished my Blue Heron Nightsong/Gail. I wore it to church Sunday. It is made in a finger weight mercerized cotton. It is really lovely, but the drape of the cotton is not as nice as my silk one. I love my silk one. I could knit with that yarn all the time! I love this pattern. I have one more to make before Christmas.
I have been finishing some baby gifts for Desi and Amee at church. I was hoping to get them their baby gift before the babies started college.............. These are some Daisy Bootees. So easy and cute, crocheted with sock weight cotton.
This is the dress that goes with them. It is so much fun to make things for baby girls!

This is a cardigan that I embellished. I ripped off the trim that it had and crocheted around it with some red cotton. I added the embroidery and lady bug buttons. Below are the shoes that go with it.
Here is a shawl that I started on our KY trip. I finished it last night. I was squealing with delight as I blocked it. I love blocking shawls. It just takes your breath away. It brings out all the beauty of lace knitting. I am going to offer this pattern for free on Ravelry. First, I must find time to write it.
I am working on 3 items for Leisure Arts. It will take me several weeks to finish that. Must earn some yarn money!


Jennifer said...

It's all great, but I LOVE the ladybugs! So cute!

Mary in AR said...

I love the little crocheted shoes. Is that your pattern? Or where can I get it? I have an overdue girl baby gift that these would be perfect for.

The shawls are just drop dead gorgeous!

Next time you are coming to LA, give me a buzz; I'd like to catch up.

Delighted Hands said...

What a beauty-filled post! The blue shawl is excellent-I like the rounded point instead of the pointy one.......and the leaf-framed shawl--wow!!!! Leaves are a favorite of mine in anything-so will be watching for it on Ravelry. The baby clothes are exquisite! Great work!

Laura G said...

Beautiful!!! Love the shawls and will be watching for your new patterns on Ravelry.

boo4baby said...

Oh, I love these! I want to make some for Summer's little Gracelyn! Adorable! Also, I would love to have your pumpkin hat pattern. Summer loved it and think she wants one for Gracelyn. Do you have the pattern?