Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, our yearly family reunion trip to KY didn't exactly work out as planned. We left Thurs after the boys got home from work, picked up Poppy and hit the road. Poppy commented that his dinner had not sat well on his stomach. After 2 days of not being able to keep down any food and instead of going to the family reunion on Sunday, we made a trip to the ER at Baptist Regional Hospital in Corbin KY. They determined that Poppy had a bowel obstruction, urinary tract infection and pneumonia in one lung. We were in despair because this was a small hospital in a small town and they were talking surgery if they could not get the blockage problem resolved. We were praying for him to get stabilized enough to be able to take him to Lexington to the VA. We are thankful that God ordered out steps. The small hospital turned out to be a blessing. Poppy got the care he needed and they went beyond anything we could expect in helping us to get him to the point of taking him straight home to our VA hospital here.
We left Corbin, KY at 1:01 on Monday afternoon and arrived in NLR at 9:45. Michael dropped us off at home and took Poppy on the the LR VA hospital where they were expecting him.
Poppy still has the blockage and they are watching him and hoping that it will resolve itself. We would appreciate your prayers. He is too old and in too fragile a state of health for surgery to be an option, but that may not matter if this blockage does not resolve on its own.
Three things I was so thankful for this weekend...........friends that I could call and have them pray.......................a Hampton Inn, for a clean place to rest...................and sanity knitting.
As usual, I took several projects with me to knit. I took my new design-Notes of Lyra, as my main knitting-- a Simple Colorplay Shawl, for in the dark knitting--another Gail/Nightsong Shawl, for my non-bead knitting--and a ball of YarnTree House Melody yarn, for my Rectangular Entrelac Leaf Shawl.
I did not finish any of them, but I made great progress and will wrap most of them up next week.
I had planned on taking another new design, called Love Affair in Lace, but I only had about 30 minutes of knitting on it and did not want to lug it along. I finished it last night. Here it is unblocked.I am going to block it as soon as I finish this post. Here is my entrelac leaf one. This is my hospital knitting for this week, so I am almost halfway finished with it. Here is my Notes of Lyra. I know that it looks like a wadded up mess, but wait until I block it. I am about 75% done on it. We visited Berea, KY on Friday afternoon and it stirred up my love for weaving. I came home with a new desire to finish everything on my looms. This week, when I have been able to be home, I have been trying to finish the overshot rugs on my loom. This is another one and I am halfway done on the next one. I have it warped for 4 rugs and 4 different designs. I have enjoyed doing these and at the same time I am getting Christmas presents done. When I cut these off, I will warp the loom for dishtowels for more Christmas knitting. I hope to finish the chenille shawl on my Schacht and rewarp it with some more of these rugs. Lovely weaving.


boo4baby said...

Oh, Kay, I will be praying. You can call me anytime to pray! I hope he is already beginning to feel better. It is so hard for older people to be in the hospital!

Your projects are once again absolutely beautiful! I check your blog every day just to see what you have done! Keep 'em coming! Let me know when a good time would be for us to schedule with you. Let's wait and see how Poppy is doing beforehand, though. We aren't in a hurry. Love ya!

Delighted Hands said...

Hope Poppy is doing well, I am behind in reading blog posts! Your weaving/knitting are outstanding-