Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankfulness and projects

I cannot believe that it is November. I am not ready for this month. It seems that August, Sept, and Oct just flew by.
I will try to think on the positive side of this month. I always try very hard to have an "attitude of gratitude", but I especially want to even more on this month. It is the month of our Thanksgiving celebration. I want to challenge everyone who reads this blog to post your thankfuls on here or just email me with your list or put your thankfuls on your blog. We are so blessed in this country and so often, we lose sight of that. So I am throwing down a challenge to every one to spend some time every day cultivating your "attitude of gratitude".
My weekend was hectic, but very satisfying. I spent Saturday morning with a group of young girls from our church youth group. Jennifer came up with this idea and I was excited to get the opportunity to help. I still had fabric that I needed to use for charity purposes, so we combined our stashes and bought fabric to supplement the color combos. Jennifer was so organized. We brought our sewing machines and were able to go right to work.
I came home and finished mine and took it to her on Sunday morning at church.
I got with it first thing this morning and finished the top to Katie's quilt.

Here is an origami gift bag that I made for a bag of chocolates. If you want to make some of these with Christmas fabric, go here for the directions. It shows a purse, but it is the same technique. I used an 18" square for mine.
My Thankfuls for today: Sunshine, Michael, one Christmas quilt down and 2 2/3 to go, for the color pink, for our country and God's hand on it, for friends.

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Jennifer said...

Katie's quilt is just GORGEOUS and you got it done so quickly!

My thankfuls for this weekend: beautiful weather, great friends, a fun and productive quilting bee, wonderful birthday lunch with my family on Saturday, great worship service yesterday and then the evening off to relax with the girls.