Monday, June 7, 2010

This and that.....

Ben called the house at lunch and told his dad to go look at the clouds outside. They were so unusual today. It reminded me of lofty quilt batting. Which made me think about taking a photo of my new fabric that I found at an estate sale. 5 Yards of each for 6.00. I just love the hydrangea print.While I was outside taking pictures, our neighborhood curious cat came to check things out. I call him Butterscotch. Michael calls him Butterscratch. He loves sunning on our stoop.
That led me to take a photo of how my pot sculpture looks now. I still love it.
Then I wanted to take a picture of Poppy's rose. It is a Lincoln rose from the Waldner Family in honor of Poppy.
Then I thought I would photo my rose that we planted for Mother's Day last year.
Then I thought I would take a picture of our back yard in it blooming glory.
Then I wanted to share a picture of one of my favorite flowers in my son's garden. It is a coneflower. It really is such a perfect looking flower.
And then a photo of how great my raised beds look this year.
Then I just had to show you my latest knit. It is a remake of my Bradford Leaf Pillow. This is the back.
This is the front.
And all that from a phone call from my son to go look at the clouds.


Delighted Hands said...

Which is why we should always listen when our kids appreciate nature! Such beauty just begat more beauty!

boo4baby said...

I am in Branson this week and I saw the same thing! The clouds were so weird, but soooo beautiful! Have you been to the yarn store in Springfield called Simply Fibers? Love the pillow!

Laura G said...

I just saw this story on accuweather about the type of clouds you saw. How pretty!