Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Thankfulness

I missed yesterday, so I will do two today.
I am thankful for my Michael. He is such great blessing to me and I love him very much. He is always so encouraging, helpful, kind and loving.
I am thankful for the beautiful weather that God has given us today. It is just glorious outside! What a beautiful world God has given us to enjoy. This is just my most favorite time of year. The colors, the nip in the air. It just gives you so much energy! But not enough to rake the leaves!
It makes me want to drag out my flannels and work on a flannel quilt. I am still itching to quilt.
Next week, I will be working on cutting out some blocks for the NLR Dorcus Sewing group. We will be working on quilts for some of our missionaries.

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Delighted Hands said...

We even had a nip in the air today! Seemed strange to bundle up and have chilly hands when outside! Hoping it won't last long!