Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December? December?

I know I have not posted since the 11th of November. I just wanted to leave Michael's post for Poppy up. I had a lot of thankfuls every day, but just felt it was just comforting to remember Poppy for my husband. This was our first Thanksgiving without him. It was odd and hard on Michael.
We had a lovely holiday weekend, though. We had dinner at Sherry's and Doug's, then Friday, we vegged out and went to a matinee mid afternoon, then to ZaZa's for a pizza. Sat, we went to Trumann, picked up my mom, took her out to lunch, then we went shopping at the Turtle Creek Mall in Jonesboro.
Today, I am wondering how it could possibly be December? Where did the other 11 months go? I am trying to get my mind in the Christmas mood. I have to clean, cook and decorate for our big annual Open House for our small group at church.
Lately, I have been lost in a design idea. This thing has literally driven me crazy. It is crochet. It started out as knit, but I got the great idea that it would be wonderful as a crocheted design, too. I finished the knit, blocked it, hated it, cut it at the back, reknit the back, grafted it back together, hated it, threw it in the corner, and decided to fix its problems on the crocheted one. Thought I had the kinks worked out, crocheted it, hated it, threw it in the corner. So my knitting and crocheting has been predominately ripping and throwing. I have mulled and rehashed this design in my head so many times! I restarted it in crochet again and this time I think I have it right. I hope I don't have to throw it in the corner. I am running out of corners. Designing is like that, mostly ripping.
What have you been making for Christmas gifting? I am doing very simple stuff this year. I have a few buttoned scarves that I have knitted. I was hoping to do shawls, but can't give them away until I publish the designs. I have a backload of designs to publish.
This month, I will have my Slice of Autumn/Spring available on Knit Picks. I will let you know when it is up. Here is a peek at their photos.


Delighted Hands said...

Just a beautiful shawl! Glad the pattern will be available to all.

boo4baby said...

That's beautiful, Kay! I've missed you blogging.