Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Time No Blog

I cannot believe that I have not blogged more recently. I thought that I would be more faithful to stay update once the book was done, but alas, I am easily distracted by new yarn and ideas. What have I been up to?
Well, I have resurrected a few old projects that I had lost the knitting love for. One of them I started the end of 2007. That was a big accomplishment. I will have to share more about that one at a later date.
Then, I picked my Bradford Leaf Throw back up. I had time to contemplate the design and went back to the drawing board on it. I wanted it to make it a little more knitter friendly. I now have the leaf squares on the odd tiers and only in the middle of the Throw. I added a couple more colors and did away with a couple, reworked the Bradford Leaf Pillow to have only one leaf in the center of the 3 x 3 entrelac front. I am thrilled with it and am already on the 9th tier of the remake and finished with the remake of the pillow, too. I guess this will now be my mourning Throw. I started it a year or so ago in celebration of its gorgeous color, now as I knit it, I mourn its loss. It was a glorious tree, worthy of song and dance.

I, also, have finished a couple more shawls. One a remake of the latest free pattern, Ladawan's Shawl, and the other a remake of my Two-Color Crescent Shawl. On the Ladawan Shawl, I used some fingering weight bamboo sock yarn that is just incredibly soft and has wonderful drape, the colors are great, too. It is Happy by Wendy yarn.

On the Two-Color Crescent, I used some of the new Knit Picks Chroma finger weight yarn. The website and catalog show it dark in color, so I was disappointed to find out that the solid the I had gotten to go with it did not match as well as I wanted it to. It is still lovely, but I will remake it in their Stroll sock yarn on the next remake.

I, also, have finished another Sweet Lace Cardi. I love it, but wish that I had found out that there were no buttons for this color of yarn. Note to self: Choose buttons first! I ended up making my own buttons and I am not real pleased with them. I may end up working on them a little more.
Our garden is in a glorious state of bloom. Poppy's Lincoln rose, that the Waldeners got us, is perfect.
Ben's mist flower and his cone flowers are beautiful.
The tropical milkweed is vivid.
The sedum is ready to bloom and the crepe myrtle has never been more lovely.
I see all this breathtaking display of color and nature and I am so thankful for the beauty that God has blessed this earth with. I hope all this eye candy makes up for my long silence. I will try to be more diligent on my blogging from now on.

I will leave you with another favorite quote from the book, Knowledge of the Holy by AW Tozer.

"Purity of heart is to will one thing," said Kierkegaard, and we may with equal truth turn this about and declare, "The essence of sin is to will one thing," for to set our will against the will of God is to dethrone God and make ourselves supreme in the little kingdom of Mansoul. This is sin at its evil root.

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Delighted Hands said...

Nice to see what you have been up to! The new lace cardi is just right! I like the new shawls in the sock yarn! Glad you are reworking the pillows-the leaf pattern is striking. (You know you can dye buttons with Rit dye-mayber that would give you just the right color you need!) The yard is perking up beautifully!