Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis the Season................what's new with you?

Last time that I blogged, I was a bit disappointed that I did not have my Christmas gift making done by the end of Oct. That had been my goal. When I did not meet that goal, I set another one, hoping to finish by Thanksgiving. Well? Did I meet it?
Almost! I decided a couple of weeks ago to sit down, type out my list, do an inventory of where I was on making it happen. It really helped. I realized that I was not as far behind as I felt. It will help me to have a list of who gets what saved on my computer, too.
So, I am going to share with you some of the things I have been working on. Some are just future designs that I started to de-stress. If you are one of my friends from church, you may be getting a peek at your gift, but you will not know which one until then. (Kathie, I am NOT showing yours!).

This is an afghan that I am working on. This is the center. It is a counterpane design. I will do 12 more squares, each one with a different leaf design on it. I will work on this for next year. I love leaves and I love counterpanes.
 This is a Houndstooth set. It includes fingerless gloves and a stocking cap. I will be putting this pattern up on Ravelry soon.
 This is a quilt for someone special. Won't say who. I love a log cabin square. There is just so much that you can do with it.
 Here is another memory quilt, using the pockets from Poppy's shirts.

 Here is one of the dishtowels that I did some applique on. These were fun to make.
 Here is a Christmas table runner that I found the pattern to make. I had tons of Christmas fabric to use up. 
 An apron with some more of the Christmas fabric stash. I really love this idea. It was a great, easy project. Very fun, very cute. It is longer than it looks.
 More Christmas fabric was used on this hot pad. These are not as easy to make as they looked.
 My version of a Scribble Lace scarf. Got a few of these going on needles. Got tons of this ribbon yarn to use up.
Have made a few hats for various relatives. Have another Houndstooth design in the works, too.

Back in July, I started working on a design to submit to Knitty.com. I had this idea that I thought was perfect for them. I submitted it the end of August and had not heard from them. Last week, I could not wait any longer. I emailed and waited some more, only to be told................SORRY.
Will try again, but not for awhile.
Here it is.............It is called A Houndstooth Wrap About Town (thanks Cindy/Labgirl for the name).

My model is Diane Bledsoe, she makes it look even more elegant.
My photographer is Anita Wilson of Anita Wilson Photography. Thank you Anita!

This week, I have begun my cleaning for Christmas (I am ahead on that!). Got two rooms scoured from top to bottom. Tonight, the mantle, tomorrow another room. I am ahead of schedule and it feels SOOOOOO good!
What's new with you?


Gina said...

Love the houndstooth cap + fingerless glove. REALLY love the houndstooth wrap (and Diane looks STUNNING in it!!). The scarf is fabulous and the apron...is the pattern online? I really think I could probably do that. Cute, cute, cute!!! I know I've forgotten stuff - but I always love seeing what you're making/have made! Everything is always so wonderful.

millymom said...

Thanks for posting what you have been working on and reminding me that others are out there cleaning and finishing projects towards Christmas. I have looked at the picture of the houndstooth wrap several times and besides the really cool model I have enjoyed looking at the construction and the design. Houndstooth is something really popular in the state of Alabama in all fashion seasons, wherever this pattern gets published it will have a market there. Have a great December and enjoy the Reason for the season.

OxnerMom3 said...

As usual, you are way more on top of things than I am at this time of year! Everything looks wonderful!

boo4baby said...

I just love looking at your projects. Always makes me smile and I needed that today. Love you, friend.