Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DFW in one post?

How am I suppose to tell you all about my DFW trip in one post? Well, I will try and then, I may have to continue it tomorrow. There is so much to tell, but I will try. 
Friday, I took a Lily Chin class on Computer Aided Designs. Still trying to process all of that. Great class, great information. It is going to cost me, since I now have a program or two that I want to purchase for my designing. 
It was great to get to meet her in person. Everyone who knits has , will or needs to encounter Lily Chin. Anyway, great class. 
We made a trip back to Chef Point in Watauga, Tx.

Friday night was Ravelry night. Her I am with Sarah and her adorable, really good baby boy.
Here I am signing a copy of one of my books at the end of the Ravelry event.

My friend, Cindy is standing behind me. She looked amazing in her shawl knitted with Malabrigo sock weight yarn.
Here I am setting up for my class.
I took about 10-15 shawls for samples. I do a lot of bead knitting. It was so cold that they came in handy for the students.
Here is a pic of my sign outside of my class.
My students.
Here is Vivian, one of my students, wearing the shawl she made after the class. It is made in Madelinetosh sock yarn. She is definitely doing her homework!
More students.
More students. I had requested a minimum of 10 and no more than 15. I had 15. It was the perfect number.
It gave me good one-on-one time, too. I, honestly, could not have had a better group of students. They were eager to learn and I felt very at ease with them. All teachers should be so blessed to have students like these. They made my teaching job feel so natural. Thank you students.
Here I am with Cindy. She looks marvelous in the scarf that she felted at her workshop on Friday morning. It is so much fun for her to get to be at this event too. She is one of those friends who share my love of yarn and knitting. We had such a great time shopping at the yarn market.
Comic relief!
Sat night, we had dinner with our favorite Tx relatives, James, Patti and Jason. Got to meet Jason's girl. She is a knitter, too. A beginner, but that will change.
The trip to Tx is always so lovely with the roadside wildflowers. These are some showy evening primroses. AR has these, too.
Here I am posing with the blue bonnets. They are so glorious.


Delighted Hands said...

What an amazing time! I will take a class when you are in FL some day!

millymom said...

The pictures captured you enjoying class which I think added to the joy of the experience. My shawl is cast on and a few inches done but I am having to give a lot of time to an April lace cowl knitalong that has to come first this month. Every time I get to work on it though I enjoy it. I'll let you know when it is done, I tend to be slow but persistent-have a great rest of the week.

boo4baby said...

Love this post! I know those students were so excited to meet you and sit at your feet learning new things. Now you are going to have to teach me to knit!