Friday, April 20, 2012

What is on my needles?

Okay, I admit it. I can get lost in my work and sometimes obsessed with a design or design idea. But that is not a bad thing for you, once I get around to publishing it.
Do you remember the Baby Allison Christening Blanket and the Christening Gown and Dress set that I did?
Well, I started another design set. This one incorporates my love of Herbert Neiblings Lyra and my love of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Shawl construction and my love of making heirloom baby things.
Remember my cast-on-itis, right before my Dallas trip? I ended up casting on another design to take. I came home from my knitting group at the Senior Citizen's Center and dug out my Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, that I had bought about 3 years ago, and crunched the numbers! I had lovely Pi Shawl knitting for 75 rounds to get to the lace part of this Christening Shawl/Blanket. Perfect knitting for traveling. The anticipation of that lace edging was pushing me to knit those 75 rounds. I was enthralled with the thought of how it would look. I did not anticipate just how lovely it would be.
Now to flood you with the results! I hope you love them, too!
Here it is blocking!
Here it is blocked!
Here is the gown that came to my mind while knitting the Shawl. 
Here is the edging on the gown!
Another view of the edging, I cannot get enough of the edging!
The Bodice of the gown.
The dress version.
The edging on the dress version.
The bodice of the dress version.
Now for some family pics. Ben and his girl, Grace, in their Easter finery.
Michael and I in ours.
I have been using my sewing for only quilting for so long, that I think I forgot how to sew garments. This simple dress gave me so many fits! I used the seam ripper too many times. It is a wonder I could even wear it. I am wearing my Twilight Sonata Shawl with it.
Well, that is all for now.
More soon.

One last view of the gown and Shawl. Ahhhhh! I really need to drag out my manual for my camera. I just cannot capture the beauty of this design. Note to Self: Put down the needles and read the manual!


millymom said...

Wow, how I needed to look at your amazing work today. Thanks for sharing, amazing doesn't seem like a powerful enough word, maybe super amazing:).

Delighted Hands said...

Don't put your needles down-we forgive you for the flash echo when you knit like this!!! Just too lovely!

boo4baby said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!