Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back on the Wagon

Well, I am back on the wagon, again.
What do I mean?
Weight loss, of course.
I visited several different places that were "diet centers". I wanted to see what else was out there. I was NOT looking for a quick fix. There are NO miracle diets. It is all hard work. I was wanting something that I could live with over the long haul. I knew what Weight Watchers had to offer. I want to see if there was anything different that would give me a change.
I went to the "Diet Center". This diet was eating one of THEIR bars for breakfast, one of THEIR smoothies for snack, one of THEIR bars for lunch, and then eating a small dinner. Of course, you are going to lose weight. But this does not teach me how to eat, how to live in the real world. Would I have lost a lot of weight? Most likely, but I could not see myself maintaining it. It was VERY expensive, almost $700 to start and about $80 per week for THEIR product.
Then I went to the "Metabolic Research Center". This diet seemed more reasonable. It did have a protein drink that you needed to buy, 2 boxes per week, at 13.00 a box, so that came to $26.00 a week. The diet consist of you eating and preparing your own food, so that was a great thing. You had class on preparing food. The cost, however, was about $400.00 up front for a 17 week program. That is $23.50 per week. I probably would have chosen this one, but the price was too expensive, too. It seemed to have a lot of one-on-one, so that was good, but just couldn't swallow the price.
Today, I went back to my Weight Watchers and yes, I paid for 4 weeks. That comes to $11.00 a week, since I am already a lifetime member. Last time that I was at Weight Watchers, they changed their plan. It is now called "Points Plus". It was drastically different from the old program that I had been using for about 5-7 years. I bucked at changing and you were not really given a choice. I am not saying that it was NOT a good change. I think it was. I just was at a junction in my life where going through the "change" and being made to aanother "change" was one too many changes. So, I quit going. And now, I am back.
It is what I need to do. But change is really hard, hard to resist foods that I have to cook for the boys. I am a really good cook and I love cooking for my boys, so I am always tempted.
Pray for me.
I really would love to be more fit for my 30th anniversary at the end of July. I am realistic in knowing that I will not reach my goal by then. But progress in that direction is good.
Pray for my boys, I become a food "Nazi" when I am dieting, I don't want to do that.


Shar said...

Have you thought about trying the Primal Diet?

boo4baby said...

Saying a prayer for you, girl.

Delighted Hands said...

I feel your pain-I can't get below where I am without some serious CHANGE that I have not been willing to put forth. Hope this will be the goal you need-your anniv date-and that you will do so sweetly!

Ann Blachly said...

Go to www.fattoskinny.com and watch the video where Doug shows the amount of sugar in a meal. The food that creates sugar in the body...tooooo much to burn off.
If that makes sense, you'll be on a way of eating that lets your body burn off excess fat.
It's working for me...steadily.