Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From This Day Forward............30 years now.

In 1976, something happened that changed my life forever. A skinny 15 year old girl met this 16 year old guy. Our lives would never be the same!
They fell in love and 6 years later, to this day, they became man and wife.

I am all weepy today. It is a good weepy. I am rejoicing in the kind providence of a gracious God to Michael and I, 30 years ago today.
Thirty years ago, I did not understand that. But 30 years later, today, I can look back and see what the Lord has given me, us, and I am so grateful, so overwhelmed by his loving kindness and mercy. So today, bear with me as I stroll down memory lane and rejoice in God's goodness to Michael and I.

Diane Espy fixing my hair and veil. 
Me pinning on my mom's corsage. 
Sealing the vows with a kiss.
The best man,  groom and our pastor. 
We had to have the reception at another church. Our activity center had burnt down a few weeks or so before our wedding. Terry Shipley and Bobby Garrett manhandling me into our chariot to take us to our reception!
Jim Medley and Randal Whitehurst dragging Michael into the chariot!
My expression the first time I see the chariot!
Jim assuring Michael that he was not driving us there? I have no idea!
We had our honeymoon in Eureka Springs. We stayed at the Alpen Dorf Hotel, which no longer exists. The building is still there, but no one would want to stay there now.
Me outside the Rosalie house on our honeymoon. 
Me outside the Rosalie House almost 30 years later. What happened to that skinny little girl!?
Michael took off Friday, my birthday, and we left very early for some outlet mall shopping in Branson. We took the Miata. That was why we left early, to get some top-down riding in before the temperature climbed. It did not take long. We left at 8:30 and by 10:30, we pulled the top up. It was delightful while it lasted.
A drive is just better from this view!
Our first stop, not counting the Starbucks at Conway, was the Ranch Hours Restaurant. This was the place that we stopped for our first meal as man and wife on our way up to our honeymoon. Yes, we are sentimental jerks!
They still serve the same kind of food, country cooking. That was my favorite kind of food back then and I still love it. I hated not being able to eat the same thing, but I was not watching my waist or on a diet then. 
Here is Michael outside the Rosalie House. I could not find the one of him on our honeymoon. I think he hid it from me, so that I could not post it. 
I am so thankful for the man that my sweet husband has become. I am so blessed, by God, to be his wife. I thank God that His work in Michael's life has produced an honorable, honest man of integrity, a hard-working provider, a loving father, a caring, loving, sentimental husband.
What a sweet blessing from our gracious God, he is to me. I rejoice that I am blessed with a future with him by my side.


Mike Meadors said...

If I could, I would take you out to Pizza Inn for two pizzas tonight.

Kay said...

Would that be great to be able to go back to the place where we had our first date? This time I would not be embarrassed to eat the whole pizza, if I weren't on this diet!

Delighted Hands said...

Congratulations! It is an excellent testament to the grace of God when a couple reflects His love and commitment!

millymom said...

How this made me smile. My husband and I were married 30 years ago in January and I recognized the hairstyles, clothing, tuxedo choices etc. I've said before we loved each other then with all our hearts but over a lifetime God stretches hearts through all you experience and we had actually only scratched the surface on love back then. May you have at least 30 more.

boo4baby said...

I love this post! What a great stroll with you down memory lane, friend. God is indeed so kind to us to allow us to be married to our best friends. Love you!