Monday, October 29, 2012

Seattle on Monday--Day #3

Okay, now for some more Seattle reminiscing. Monday, we did Pike's Market again, but this time we rode the Monorail.


Our first ride on the Monorail

A very different perspective of downtown Seattle from here. 

This was a store. I am not sure what they were selling. That did not interest me as much as the window display. I have never seen so many old sewing machines. I love these. My paternal Grandma taught me to sew on one of these types of sewing machines. 
This was a totem pole by the water. 
A good view of the ferris wheel.
I just loved this street art. It is an umbrella, in case you don't know. 
Me talking to this street figure, telling him to put on something more than a towel! He is ignoring me, of course!
Another coffee adventure!
Coffee and some to take home!
Pioneer Square was old and lovely. Loved the architecture. 
Someone was kind enough to take our picture there in the courtyard.
Me modeling a floppy hat at this really cool store that had a lot of things that I would have loved to have brought home. 
Like these cups. I came home and found something similar at Pier 1 Imports, but not as cute as these.
This was a packed little French pastry shop where we had wonderful croissants.
Pike Place Chowder. I need say no more.We ate there twice on our trip.
This is Seattle Coffee Gear, the place that Michael ordered his espresso machine from. We had to drop by and pick up a shot glass for his espresso pulls. One on them ended up being pulverized in my garbage disposal one day. 
The Chihuly glass museum. 
The Space Needle, our destination for dinner that night! As you can tell, this is when my camera started showing signs of messing up. My lens screen did not open up fully. That is not my thumb in that corner.
This was the inside of the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.
Yes, kind of dated, but hey, it was celebrating 50 years! 
Another view of the restaurant.
We had a table right beside the window. The  Space Needle does not actually rotate around. It is the floor that rotates. It takes 45 minutes to go all the way around. The view from here was lovely.
The food was very lovely to look at and it was very good. Someone told us that you did not go for the food, so I was prepared to not be impressed, but I was definitely NOT disappointed. Here is my salad. 
I ordered two appetizers as my main course. Both were delicious. One was prawns and the other was dungeness  crab fritters. 
Michael had the Jidori Chicken.
How could we not do dessert? Did we share one? No, we shared 2! I had the creme brulee and Michael had a chocolate cake with chocolate lava in the center and vanilla ice cream on top! We switched midway.
Our waiter took our photo.
The view was just wonderful. These two weird shape buildings are the Gates buildings. 
Then we went to the very top and watched the sunset. 
Here I am knitting at the top of the Space Needle. I am working on an Entrelac Shawl in some lovely blues Jojoland Rhythm. I just finished calling my BFF Cindy to thank her for the dinner she just bought us! Thank you Cindy, that was so, so sweet of you and so delicious. 
More lovely views.
See how high up we are? We are at eye level with a helicopter.
Here I am in front of the skyline.
You could see our hotel from here. We were within walking distance of the Space Needle and the Monorail system. We stayed at the Downtown Hampton Inn. When we go back, we will stay here again. It was perfect.
More lovely skyline.

I had to take a picture of this. It was art on top of a building. The spiders were so dimensional and yet, they were painted on a flat surface. 
Here is a closer view. 
The sun setting on the horizon. The ending of a lovely, lovely day with the sweet love of my life.
Big city lights.
Just lovely!
So that was Monday, the third day of our great adventure. I can tell you that we were exhausted, which led us to do something totally different the next day...come back later and find out what.

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Very cosmopolitan! The spiders were creepy-too real looking!