Monday, April 15, 2013

Saying goodbye to Seattle--Day #7

It was hard, saying goodbye to Seattle. I have so enjoyed sharing our great adventure with you. It has made me so thankful for the opportunity to do this with my dear husband of 30 years. What a wonderful way to celebrate that milestone in our lives.
We spent our last day at the Farmers Market, all day.......
Had to ride the pig!
The Crumpet Shop.

The crumpet maker!
Michael giving it a thumb's up. The crumpets were soft, hot and buttery and the tea was strong and hot!
Wonderful crumpets and tea. Michael had the tea. I am a true southern girl, I like my coffee hot and my tea iced!

Lots of street performers. It was lovely to watch them. 

More beautiful latte art!
One of the piers.
Pike Place Chowder. Love this place!
A cool shot of the uni-rail.
Cool coffee machine.

Goofing off for the camera.
So much construction in downtown Seattle. 
The market, the beautiful market with its colors and sounds and smells. 
A German deli. 

Colorful, flavorful pasta!

Chocolate art.
They take their chocolate serious here.
Almost looks like a jewelry store. 
We brought Grace home some. They wrapped it up so elegantly!

A lovely quilt store, whose owner is from AR. 
Cutting the cheese at Beechers. 

More performers. 
The alleys.
There is always a line at Pike Place Chowder, but it is worth the wait. 
A kind person took our picture for us.
The produce was so plentiful. It made me want a kitchen to cook in. 

The Sound. 

A cruise ship.
A little bit of sittin and knittin to show you the progress on my Victoria Stripe Study Shawl. 
Colorful hand woven shawls at one of the vendors at the market. 

I love this shot with the Space Needle above. 

A park across the street from our Hampton on the last night there. 

Our bags the next morning waiting for the shuttle to the airport. We bought fresh salmon to take home and we claimed it as one of our carry ons. 
Heading home........
So bittersweet mind is playing that song........."I'm leaving on a jet plane don't know when I'll be back again, O babe I hate to go..........."

Last shot of my Victoria Shawl on the trip from Denver to LR. 

Thank you for sharing this trip with me and letting me relive it. It has given me great joy to go over the trip slowly and savor the kindness of God in letting us be able to go on this trip and enjoy this grand adventure together with my sweet Michael.
The only other thing that I can say is----------I am so ready to go back!

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Delighted Hands said...

You sure did a LOT of exploring- so glad the trip was so memorable! You caught all the facets of that great city!