Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fringed Benefits Neck Scarf -- Free Pattern

This is a self-fringing scarf. I kept seeing these young girls wearing these cute fringed scarves at the malls. I knew that I had designed a pattern for a self-fringing shawl long ago. I dug the pattern out and tweaked it to increase more quickly.
This is a great beginner project, since it is all done in knit or garter stitch. It is a simple pattern that anyone can knit in a weekend. It starts out with 12 sts and increases 5 sts in on each side on EVERY row. At the end you bind all sts except the first and last 5 sts. These sts are unraveled and tied in an overhand knot next to the body of the scarf to give your fringe.
Yarn (worsted weight or dk works best, but use whatever yarn
you want or have on hand), approximately 300-350 yards 
Circular knitting needle, size 10 1/2
2 markers

Note: You can use 2 strands of Sport Weight Yarn, one a variegated, one a solid. Or one strand of Mohair and one strand of chenille. Or one strand of ribbon yarn.
The possibilities are endless.
This is one that I made of some yarn that I recycled from a store bought sweater. I bought the sweater with the intent to rip it out for the yarn. 
This is the back of the neck scarf.
Isn't it lovely yarn. It is a cotton rayon tape in pinks and oranges!
This is made is some Berroco Denim Silk that I bought on clearance at Yarn Mart. 
It is just a long, stretched out triangle. 

Here is my Mother's Day treat, my son helping his mom dig in the dirt. We transplanted 2 rose bushes from Poppy's house in this bed. Ben and Grace were wanting to plant a dwarf peach tree in that spot and I love roses, so we both won big on this one. 
Gee the lad is tall, when did that happen? I don't exactly look pretty in the pic, but I am one happy mom!
Here it is all done. 
Well, I have been really busy with life and chasing myself to death, but now you know a little of what I am up to.

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Delighted Hands said...

Glad you had a great time-I love the idea of planting it together-it makes a great memory! I have just the yarn for one of these scarves/shawl; I was given some yarn from a non-knitting friend who found it at a thrift store and knew I would enjoy it! And yes, it is perfect for this pattern! Thank you!