Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KY Family reunion 2013

 Kentucky was bittersweet this year. It was a fast and furious trip for us, because Ben could only get off for 2 days and it is about a 600 miles trip one way for us. The dynamics of our family have changed with older relatives being unable to come but for a few hours on Sat. It is just not enough time. And us still having so much to still do on the job of remodeling going on for Ben's house was heavy on my mind. It was a good time, though. So, I will share some pics of it with you.
Kaitlyn, her beau, Jim and his beau. Part of the Ohio relatives.
Randy bought a new colt. He is a lovely thing. 
Aunt Ruby Jewell or as I affectionately call her, Aunt Rootbeer. 

Randy took us on a nature walk in the Daniel Boone national forest. 

This is one of the natural arches. 

The Cumberland River was up real high. KY has gotten one of their wettest summers. 

I am always blown away by the beauty of the Cumberland Falls. 
There were people in rafts that were coming really close to the falls. I would not be so brave!
Another view of the falls.

I was amazed by the roots on this tree. There was not much earth for it to grow in, but it seemed to have a grip on the surface of the rock shelf. 

The boys! And are they ever ALL boy. I got a kick out of watching these guys.

Next year this one will be out trying to keep up with the others. 
These are all Grandma Martha Meadors crew and Bonnie from Frankie's side. 
Phyllis and Michael. We have lost a bunch of the family and there is always that moment when it hits home.
Our solemn Reese. I tried real hard to her to warm up to me. I think I got close. She does not know what to do when I steal kisses from her!
Some of Frankie's kids and Uncle Edgar being his pestering self!
Randy's girls. I really love these kids and so look forward to seeing them. They are precious to us. 
Randy and Ben just hit it off, two peas in a pod!
My relatives love their dogs. This is one of Sara's rescues. 
I can't remember whose this one was, but he certainly was a cutie. 
Michael and Uncle Edgar. Uncle Edgar is the only one left of the children of Grandma Martha and Grandpa John Meadors. 
Phyllis, Uncle Edgar and Michael.
This picture is an inside joke. I had to put it up for Phyllis!
This is a new one. Her mother was pregnant with her at last year's reunion. 
Grandpa Eugene with her.

 And there you have a little of our time in KY. Next year, we will get to take Grace with us!

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Delighted Hands said...

What a wonderful weekend! Every time you get together, grateful for those that have gathered, it reminds you of who is no longer with you! I know.......

The Cumberland Falls looks very serious! I would NOT be on a raft anywhere near the falls!

Glad you got to go even if it was a fast trip!