Monday, October 14, 2013

Rehearsal and Wedding

Well, I posted last time that my next post would be on the wedding. There is a problem with that, I don't have any photos of the wedding. I emailed some friends and got a few from them (thank you Stephanie). I did not want to be behind a camera, snapping pictures and miss my son getting married. We will all have to wait on the wedding photos. What I do have is lots of wedding rehearsal photos (thank you Christie and Kathie), so here they are.
The groom as cool as a cucumber. This boy is so laid back!
Here he is with his best man, Trey, and some of his other attendants, Sam and Stephen. 
Here is Michael and me. 
My momma with me.
The groom and bride.
Immanuel Baptist was a beautiful setting for the wedding. 
The guys flexing their muscles. JD is too, it is just his brain muscles!
I have loved watching these guys grow up with my son. What a blessing for him to have these godly young men as his friends. 
Heather, Mary Beth (sister), Rachel and Stephanie, sweet friends of my DIL, so lovely.
The ring bearer, our great nephew Ty. 
The cute couple. 
And now on to the Rehearsal dinner. We had it catered by a food truck called the Southern Gourmasian. The food choices were Almond Crusted Chicken or Pork Torchon. They did a fantastic job and everyone enjoyed the food. We highly recommend them to you.
Getting ready to serve. 
Yum! Makes me hungry all over again! 
The easiest, yummiest dessert! I used this recipe and poured it into an oreo crust. Made 6 of them in about 30 minutes. Garnished them with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. Kathie, you rocked the presentation!
My Michael giving the charge to our son. 
I think this one was when Nathan, Grace's brother, was talking. 
The table decorations. Thank you, Lori and Sherry! Thank you Julie for making the photo copies for us. 
One of the wedding photos..........awwww!
The Wedding party.

Ben and Grace dancing.

And the mother/son dance to this song. Neither one of us knew how to dance, but it was a precious thing to get to do and  I will treasure that. Thank you, Kathie, for getting this photo for me. 
What you do not see in these photos is the loving kindness of many, many friends who served us so lovingly that week --
Kathie F, who was my constant up-lifter all that week (thank you dear Richard for letting her be there for me). She took me to get my momma on Wed. The ride was a time of sweet fellowship for me.
Nancy B, who came over on Tues afternoon and helped me finish cleaning my house by getting my kitchen cleaned and organized just in case relatives came over.
Kathie and Richard F, Bob and  Kay S for being the servers for our rehearsal dinner.
Lori H and Sherry K, who loaned me items to decorate for the rehearsal dinner.
Ruby H and Diane B who loaned us serving dishes for the reception.
Diane N, Wanda G, Brenda L, Kay S, and Kathie F for all the work you did on Friday morning for the food to be ready for the reception.
Diane and Nick N, Wanda and Joe G, Kay and Bob S, Sherry and Andy K, Terry O, Kathy D,  for all the work that you did behind the scenes at the reception. It was beautiful and delicious.
Margie and Henri P, Millie and Dave M for helping to clean up after the reception.
Margie P for taking my momma to meet up with my brother in order to get her back home on Sunday.
I am a very blessed woman to have so many precious friend like these. We could not have done any of these things without you.


boo4baby said...

Love, love, love this post! Looks like a wonderful set of memories that you will always treasure.

Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful day! Thanks for this little glimpse and we will be looking forward to more! So happy for all of you!

The Little Blog said...

It was a beautiful wedding and thank you for letting me share in your day. Love you!