Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January almost gone?

I am going to catch you up on what has been going on in my creative mind and life!
Michael is cutting down a wall unit that Poppy made long years ago. These things have gone the way of the dinosaur now that we have flat screen tvs. We are re-purposing this one. Michael and I took it apart and he and Ben have cut it down. We will strip it and stain it in a dark mahogany. Ben want to use it, because it is something that Poppy made. I think that it is special that we are all helping to re-purpose a family treasure. Our family is so bless to have such capable men!
My capable man made me shaker shelves for my quilting room. They are perfect for displaying Ben's antique camera collection and some of his nature photography. 
This is the one on the other side of the room, above my quilting machine.
The pegs make a great hanger for displaying and photographing new designs. 
This design is called Baby Jewels Cardigan. The diamonds on the yoke are perfect for embellishments. 
We had the January Spin-In at Mountain View on Saturday. We had a full house! It was a beautiful day and I think everyone was ready for some social/fiber time. I love this group of ladies. I miss it dearly when I don't see them often enough. I do not think I made it any last year. I hope to make up for it this year.
Here is Martha showing some young ladies how to spin. She is such a patient teacher. 
Kathy got a new toy! It is a sock knitting machine. She was cranking out socks during the whole meeting. She had a few pairs to sell and of course, a pair followed me home!
Sue brought lots of lovely fibers for us to buy.  

Our Glenda, doing what she does best, showing others the joy of spinning. 

I wish that this photo had not turned out so dark! Becky Weliver made a cow and chicken earflap hat for her friends who own and manage a Chick-fil-a in Tampa.
We have show and tell at these meetings. This is a Ram that a daughter of one of the spinner made. 
She is quite the artist!
I love, love, love her little mouse. It was adorable! It even had little teeth!
This is the proud mother showing off her daughters talent. This is a felted scarf that her daughter did, too. 
We left the Spin-In with the rare opportunity of getting to go by Magnus Lake and see the Trumpeter Swans. 

They are huge, magnificent birds!
 Now, you are all caught up. I have an incredibly busy month in Feb, so this post may have to last you a while, but I will catch you up I can.

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Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful! So nice to get together with others when it comes to fiber pursuits. Hope you have a good month ahead.