Monday, April 30, 2018

Yard Love

Friday night, we went to our local home improvement store for a few supplies.

88 blocks, 3 bags of lava rock and 4 bags of paver dust.

                  This flower bed is getting a new look. Didn't get around to that, yet.

        This spot was getting a fire pit! Finally! I have wanted a fire pit for more than 10 years. We have been looking for a new house for 4 years. I finally got tired of waiting.

 All ready waiting to be built.
While my Michael worked on the fire pit, I stayed out of the way by keeping busy with other projects.

 I replanted the pot sculpture.

 I weeded and whipped my patch of Greg's Mist Flower into submission. 

I weeded this bed and my two other raised beds. Got them ready for plants and seeds.

 And while I did all that, my Michael finished the fire pit. 

 We got cleaned up, went out for a bite of supper and came back and made out first fire.

 Our backyard will never win a shot in a magazine, but it has been such an oasis for us all these years. I have spent many hours in that swing. In the early evening, it is in the shade and such a peaceful place to enjoy God's blessing on this little patch of paradise. We love listening to the birds chirp away. So many hours spent with Ben as a young boy and then young man. Now we have our grand Peter to enjoy it with. I am looking forward to teaching him to love all the nature God has given us on this earth.
Today, I planted my basil, some leaf lettuce, and several varieties of tomatoes. 
Last year, my tomatoes just produced beyond my wildest imagination! I canned over 100 jars of  various tomato products for Christmas gifts. I hope to do the same this year. 

I'm trying to post more this year. Next post, I hope to share a few designs coming up and a photo shoot. 

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