Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am spending the day "unknitting". That is not such a hard thing to do, but it is when you are unknitting one row that is 652 sts long, in a double strand of laceweight wool, and in a dark color. I downloaded several Knitpicks podcast and am listening and unknitting. If you have not availed yourself of these podcasts, you are missing a great learning tool. Even for a veteran knitting like me, it is learning thing.
I came home from the Local Yarn Store, yesterday, thinking of all the unfinished things that I really need to finish. Case in point, all my shawls. I wish that I could say that they are the only UFP's (unfinished projects) that I have, but I could not count all that are in various stages. I even have a dinosaur sweater (size 5) that is almost finished. I was knitting that for my son (he is in his first year of college). Oh well, maybe I will eventually have a grandson. I hope he likes dinosaurs. I am sending out a challenge to all knitters to finish at least one UFP this week.


fleegle said...

And the link to the podcasts? That would be nice :)

Natural State Knitter said...

The way to get to the podcasts is on The click to The Knitting Room at the left. Enjoy!