Thursday, August 30, 2007

Knitting progress

I am binding off on one of my Baruffa shawl (800 sts). Then I will be down to 9 shawls. Working hard on the other Baruffa Square shawl and can see the end in sight. Ten more rounds to go on that one and the unfinished shawl count will be at 8. Both of these are for my latest book. The photo shoot is in November. I have to finish the edging on the alpaca circular one for that shoot, too. It is a home project. I have 75 repeats of an edging to work on it. Not a project that can be taken with you. It past the portable stage and takes a bit more concentration that the others. But once I finish the Baruffas, I will start chipping away at it. I love progress!!!!!!!!!!! It feels so freeing. I may sit down and make a list of all my UFP's and start checking them off as they are completed. I am going to try so hard to not start anything else. Although, I do have to find yarn for a shrug for my book. That will become my LYS project on Tuesdays and the circular can be my home project. I am thinking a bamboo sock yarn that goes well with jeans for the shrug. But I cannot start it until both Baruffas are complete. Yes, I am holding a carrot in front of myself or giving myself an encouraging kick. Must go knit!!


Jackie said...

I'm a bit too embarrassed to admit to the WWW how many projects I still have on the needles. I have one art shawl about 1/3 done, one class sample shawl 1/3 done, one totally-for-me shawl 1/3 done, one class sample scarf with only fringe left to do, three pairs of socks, one more set of bib/burp cloth set 1/4 done ... how many projects did I mention? Eight? I haven't even really tried to remember all the projects and I came up with 8 just like that. Cripes. I am going to finish the bib/burp cloth set by the end of this weekend. Period. Then I'll finish the fringe on the class sample. Then it's back to a sock at every computer and in my purse along with one old project at my knitting chair at a time until I can count all the unfnished projects with one hand. Man, at least all of my looms are now empty.

Are you going to ask how many projects we actually have pre-planned and have pre-purchased the yarn? Please don't. That's even more embarrassing.

Natural State Knitter said...

No, I will not ask how many you have pre-purchased yarn for or have Pre-planned. Then I would have to confess and I would be embarrassed along with you. It will be our own secret! I will not be your yarn priest, your confession would only make me feel guilty.