Friday, September 28, 2007

Done! Done! Done!

I finished my edging last night! Yesterday was a great day for knitting. My husband has a business meeting 2 hours away, so I went with him. I took 2 projects -- the alpaca that I had set a goal to finish before this morning and the new design that I am working on with the Elsbeth Lavold yarn. I took the Elsbeth shawl in case the alpaca was too involved and made me car sick. The meeting lasted 1 1/2 hours and the trip home was another 2 hours. It seemed that the edging was flying. Remember that I still had 24 repeat to finish. I was down to 8 repeats and fatigue took over. I rested the remaining way home. I was very optimistic that I could finish those 8 before bed. Well, I did. It took until about 10:45, but it is done. I do not see getting much knitting done this weekend. I am off in about 40 minutes to have oral surgery, a molar and 2 wisdom teeth. I will probably in a drug induced stupor and unable to knit. I will pick up again on Monday.


chali1092 said...

I have been trying to find information on how to do the Austrian/Bavarian traveling stitch. Any information you may lend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chali

fleegle said...

Congrats! And I hope you are not too groggy to knit this weekend.

Natural State Knitter said...

Chali; the best books on the suject are written in German, but they are charted. They are out of print in the US, but someone found me a set on Germany Ebay. This person still has the first edition. The books are Uberlieferte
Stickmuster by Maria Erhlbacher. gizmo73733 is the seller and 250136652190 was the item #. Hope this helps. If you just want a taste of the technique, then order the Austrian Stitch pattern from Harriville Designs. I think it is 3.00 and well under priced.

chali1092 said...

Natural State Knitter, Thanks for your help. Will let you know of my success. Happy weekend.