Monday, October 1, 2007

Lazy Weekend!

It was one of those lazy weekends. Friday, the oral surgery went okay, but I gave them a scare when my blood pressure dropped to 60/29. I have low blood pressure anyway, so all the juice they were giving me made me drop down even lower. I remember waking up feeling as if I were in a vat of ice water. I thought the surgery would be the hard part. That was the part that scared me most, but the recovery is worse. No one told me how gross your mouth would feel. Just the thought of eating gagged me. My bottom lip and chin is still numb and my mouth cannot be opened as wide as before. I did, however, do some knitting. I was in one of those moods where boring knitting was all I was really up to. I don't just sit. I am seriously ill when I don't knit. So, this was a weekend when my plain pi shawl was just what the doctor ordered. I had hated working on it before, but this weekend, it seems a comfort to work on. Yes, it still takes me 20 minutes to complete a round, but I am down to the last 20 rounds. I took a picture of it to let you see the colors. I look forward to blocking it. It is made out of cobweb weight yarn. I think about 8050 yards per pound. I hate the blue in the middle. I think it is too gaudy. I may overdye that section when I have it blocking. By the way, the yarn is lace weight (cobweb really) JoJoland yarn.


fleegle said...

I hope you feel better too!

fleegle said...

I am an idiot for not telling you your PI shawl is lovely!

Jackie said...

Whoa, scary dental experience! I would have a serious problem with not being able to open my mouth as wide as I'm accustomed to ... but my hubby and secretary would probably thank the Dental Gods for the reprieve.

Fabulous pi shawl. I understand what you mean by the blue part but it's still fabulous!