Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Overwhelmed by edging!

I sat down to work on the edging on my alpaca laceweight shawl yesterday. I have 75 repeats of a 16 row diamond edging to do. I had done 6 one day (2 weeks ago) and thought that if I could complete 10 per day, it would only take my 7 days to have this thing done! Alas, reality bites you in the bum! I am now finished with 14, so 61 to go. That is only 8 more completed. It seemed to me that I was knitting for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now trying to think realistically! Perhaps a more reasonable goal would be 5 per day and that only on weekdays. If I get to work on it on the weekends, that will be a bonus. That means 12 days, hopefully before 2 weeks. You know how good intentions, plans, and goals have a way of getting sideswiped. But there! I have thrown down my gauntlet! I have declared my goal. I have also told myself that I would only allow myself the PRIVILEGE to work on 4 projects for the rest of this month-- the alpaca edging, the plain pi shawl (44 rows of 600 sts of edging to go), the Panda Cotton shrug, and the alpaca entrelac. Nothing else can be worked on! There! Another gauntlet. Boy, am I hard on myself!


fleegle said...

Please do not speak to me of edging. I have 200 repeats for my Black Widow shawl. I tried to ration it at 2 repeats a day, but failed. I hope I finish it before I die.

fleegle said...

1 repeat = 30 minutes. Not including yawning, fidgeting, and getting up to run around the room. The yarn is ~8000 ypp, a bit fine. I did four repeats today and my brain is boiling over.

fleegle said...

Thanks for the pat...but it was the final straw that plopped my head on the table. Nap time!