Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is a picture of my purple sage (thanks to my son). It bloomed last night. We bought this plant at a nature center, on a birding expedition to the Rio Grande Valley of TX in May. I noticed these huge shrubs everywhere, the silvery leaves and the contrast of the lavender flowers. Even though, they are not zoned for AR, I had to bring one home. I think it is happy to live here.
Well on to knitting progress -- I finished the first half of my Panda Cotton Shrug, cast on for the second half, worked 8 repeats on the alpaca shawl (53 to go), and worked 2 rows of edging on my pi shawl (42 more to go). Nothing on the entrelac, so far, but hope is in sight for the weekend! I have a guild meeting this Sat and they will be teaching entrelac. Since I don't need the class, I will take my entrelac project and help, if needed.
I threw down my gauntlet, yesterday, and now I am chomping at the bit under the narrowness of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, all of a sudden, do NOT want to work on any of the 4 so called "PRIVILEGES"! It now seems like work.
Later today, I will get some pictures of things that I have knitted that are not lace. I have some great sweaters that I want to share with you.


fleegle said...

Gauntlets don't know that. Work on what you feel like working on. This is supposed to be fun!

Natural State Knitter said...

If I only work on fun, it will never get done! I am rewarding myself by listening to a good "who-dun-it" book. Maybe the edging will fly by.