Monday, September 24, 2007

Sorry, no pictures today

I'm sorry that I did not get pictures of my sweaters Friday. I got caught up in a book on cd and working on my edging. I have made great progress on all my projects since Thursday. I finished the last 10 rows of the shrug this morning, so now I am down to 3 projects for the rest of this week. I hope to finish my edging this week before my oral surgery on Friday morning. I doubt my ability to knit on heavy doses of pain medication. I did one tier on my alpaca entrelac this Saturday and am down to the last 30 rows on my pi shawl. I will take it with me to everywhere I go and hopefully prod through making progress on finishing it by the middle of October. I look forward to blocking it. I am curious to see how webby it will look. I will share the edging with you when I finish it, get it blocked, and photography it for you.
I went to a favorite yarn store in Conway, AR (my guild meeting was held close by) . I bought some new yarn for another lace shawl design. It is a light cornflowerish blue wool/silk blend. The yarn is Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool. It feels more like a cottonish yarn. It is sport weight, but will look great blocked out. I have charted my edging and body pattern for the shawl and would love to start it, but will resist the urge and get my edging quota done today. I am past the halfway mark on it and can see the finish line. It is very overcast today, so photos of my sweater may have to wait until the sun decides to come out and play. I hope you have a productive knitting day, too.


fleegle said...

Halfwway done with my edging too, but I am slooooowwwwwing ddddoooooowwwwn.

Natural State Knitter said...

I know what you mean! It seems, the more I get done the more I have to go! I have 30 repeats to go! I'm holding out my new yarn and design as a carrot for finishing it up.