Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The blue and off white sweater was the original pattern of the "Mitered Mozart". It was to be made in about 15 different colors. My thought was, "yarn end nightmare". So I did it in a variegated yarn and was very pleased with the results. The color sequence made the edging look like little blocks. The maroon and navy sweater was a variation of the original one. I am not fond of garter. It does not make very much progress, so I did a little stockinette in the middle. I was very pleased with the results. They are probably out of style now, but I will wear them just the same. I refuse to be a slave to someone's idea of fashion! This pattern can be found in the Knitter's #58 Spring 2000 edition. There is also an article on EZ. This Knitter's is one for keeping.

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fleegle said...

That blue jacket is fabulous! Wonderful colors and beautfifully knitted. The other one makes my eyes bobble a little :)