Monday, October 8, 2007

Chenille shawl worn by the weaver.

Well, I did finish my chenille shawl Sat and wore it to church Sunday morning. It is my new favorite shawl. Nothing compares to rayon chenille for drape and luxury. I used a lace weight hand dyed wool for the warp with a little bling-bling ribbon every 2 ". The bling-bling is just slightly visible and really makes it look elegant and the colors are so rich! The colors in the warp are garnet, mulberry, brown, coral and rust, interspersed with a dark cherry wool/rayon yarn. Thankfully, I have about 850 yds of this lace weight left to make a small shawl with. On my dye day, I am going to try to duplicate the colors in that yarn. They just literally take your breath away. I really enjoy weaving. Next to knitting, it is my favorite hobby.
I have a lot to do this week or a lot that I want to do this week. I want to finish the bind off on my plain shawl, work on a kidsilk haze triangular shawl that I need for my lace book for photography in November, and more.
I am almost at the 600 st part on my alpaca/pink/circular shawl. I have a trip planned for Thurs-Sat with some girlfriends. We are going back to SDC to the Craftmen Festival. I have to decide what projects to take, probably the Elsbeth Lavold shawl. It is an easy pattern and will be pretty portable. Hope all is well in your various knitting worlds. Congrats to Fleegle on her edging progress.


fleegle said...

Your shawl is lovely, my dear...but we could use a close-up picture.

And I have 1/4 of the fourth side left to go on the edging. I needed something mind-numbing, and boy, that border filled the bill. It took me two months to do the first two sidess and two days to do the second two sides. I hope to post the finished shawl by the end of the week.

fleegle said...

Dear Kay--

Yes, Daddy was a WWII vet. He was a ball turret gunner stationed in Africa. Last year, he showed me his mission diary--it was amazing! He flew 50 missions and was shot down twice. Yet he never spoke about it.

Oddly, the week before he died he went to a reunion and donated his diary and other weird mementos (bomb pins--you had to physically pull the pins out to arm the bombs and he saved them all).

Thanks for listening!