Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shawl progress

My first entry for this blog gave you a list of the shawls that I had in progress. I realized this morning that I had made incredible progress in getting most of them done. I finished the 2 Baruffas, the 2 circulars (Knit picks Alpaca lace weight and JoJoland plain pi shawl), the one on my loom, and I am 6 rows away from binding off on the kidsilk haze triangular shawl. I ripped out the 2/14 wool/rayon one. I did not like the feel of the yarn. I am not sure if I will finish the Patons Lacette triangular. I am not very far on it, maybe 6". I may rip and use the yarn for a scarf on my rigid heddle loom. I am not crazy about that yarn. It is black and I need stronger glasses in order to ever work on black again. So as of today (once I finished the Kidsilk haze), I will now only have 2 of those 10 shawls to finish, the 2 entrelac shawls. Of course, you know that I have started other shawls since then. I now can add to the 2 entrelac shawls, my pink Knit Picks alpaca circular shawl, my Elsbeth Lavold Silky wool shawl, and another sport weight wool-ease shawl that I forgot about. So now, I am at 5. I hope to finish the Elsbeth Lavold this weekend on my road trip. I am taking that one and some sock yarn for sock knitting. As I hate sock knitting, I will probably make great progress on the shawl. Either way, I will knit and either way, I will have progress to show.


fleegle said...

I can't believe how many shawls you have going at the same time! And of course, they are all gorgeous! Are you building a home extension to house your collection?

fleegle said...

Dear Kay--

Everyone has different tastes, and it's a good thing, otherwise there would be only a single type of knitting needle and ice cream flavor available. I frankly hated the colors of the KnitPicks, but most people who commented on the Knitter's Review loved them. In the very small sizes, the colors aren't obvious. The size 0 is yellow on one side and green on the other, but the needle is so thin that it just looks sort of darkish. I can live with that. I don't have any ebonies that thin to transplant anyway.

If you love the colors, then by all means get them for Christmas. I guarantee that if you don't like them, someone will take them off your hands.

fleegle said...

Re: The Black Widow directions. The problem with them is that my notes aren't even accurate. I started this morning trying to assemble a folder and noticed that I even changed the graph for the relatively simple edging, but didn't bother to note it on the pattern itself. I just did the alteration while I was knitting. How could I ever explain what I did for that gargantuan border?

I wouldn't say it's hopeless, exactly, but I am in the middle of trying to translate a bizarre scarf pattern from Japanese that someone begged me for. My head is thoroughly spinning around. Maybe in a week or two I can give it a try. But then, I never even managed to write the directions for my seamless bottom-up booties that I did last summer.

Thank you so much for your compliments, by the way. I have to admit that I tend to be overly modest, but that shawl is the most beautiful knitted item I have ever seen, and I am still bewildered that it came off my needles. The needle does look a bit tired, actually :)