Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I blocked my Kidsilk Haze shawl before my yarn store expedition. I did it on the colored side of the foam pieces so that it would be visible. It is not an pleasing picture, but you can see the lacework. I will get a picture of me modeling it later. It is very heavenly. It only took 50 grams to make.
This is a close-up of the edging. Thank God for blocking wires. They are a back saver!

This is my latest lace knitting fix. It will be an easy pattern, worked on size 7 needles. The color alone on this yarn will keep me enthralled! The picture does not do it justice. It is terra cotta, olive green, and mulberry. I plan on trying to duplicate these colors on my dye day Friday. I only have 850 yards of this yarn, so I will be watching my yarn consumption carefully. I plan on blocking this severely to bring out the laceyness.

This is my yarn purchase today. Remember how much I loved working with the Baruffa? It is a soft pink. This yarn is the softest yarn that I have ever felt. It almost soothes you into a knitting coma. It blocks beautifully. It also has great yardage, 1460 yards per 100 gram hank (this is Fleegle yarn). I will double it to make a shawl and use a size 8 needle. The other is some more of the sportweight Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool. I enjoyed working with this yarn and the yummy pumpkin color called my name. The yardage on one skein is 185 yards. I may use this to make my triangular or rectangular leaf shawl design.
I knew that if they still had the Baruffa in pink, it would follow me home. All their yarn was 1/2 price, so I got the Baruffa for $8.00 a skein and the Silky wool for 3.50 a skein. All in all, I didn't do bad.


fleegle said...

Fleegle yarn? Giggles.

That is the most delicious color of pink I have seen in a long, long time! I want it. I have a skein of dark red, but I am more in a pink mood these days.

I think your KSH shawl is lovely, but it's difficult to tell when I have to put on my RayBans to look at your blocking blocks :)

fleegle said...

Thank you for the compliments on the Black Widow. I have no heart ot start anything right now...just spending time making cheerful remarks on everyone else's blog.

I have Triinu's pattern, but it is full of errata and vague directions. Fortunately, someone in the Yahoo group posted clear directions. The pattern made me angry--overpriced and flawed, to boot.

I am glad your family enjoyed the story--which one--Daphne or Harry?