Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pictures of finished projects

This is the shawl that I finished on the Thursday that we had to shut down our computer. I love the yarn. It was a discontinued color of sport weight Woolease. I love how the colors of the yarn accent the diagonal lines of the shawl. This looks great with my jeans.

This was my lace fix project. I started it on the 18th of Oct. I thought it would keep me busy for a while, but it went a lot faster than I thought. I was glad, though. I was dying to get to wear it! It, of course, is in my favorite color palette. It only took 700 yards of light fingerweight yarn.
(This close up is for Fleegle, who always wants to see details)
This is another shawl like the blue, same pattern, same yarn, different color. Another favorite of mine, in my favorite palette.
Sock to match both shawls.

A picture of the back; with this yarn, you can look good coming and going. I know everyone must think that as much sitting and knitting that I do, I probably have hips as big as a double wide trailer. Yes, I do have a tendency to carry my weight in my trunk, but I am one of those people that takes knitting with me everywhere. I try to always make someone else drive and I knit. If the Doctor is running behind, I am happy to get some extra knitting time in. If I have to wait on a prescription no problem, I knit. On the way to church, I knit. To a restaurant, I knit. If I sit, I knit and if I knit, I am one happy knitter. Life is too short to sit and do nothing. Pick up a set of needles and knit someone happy. You will find that you will get happy, too.

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fleegle said...

I can't decide which one I like best...I did appreciate seeing the exquisite knitting close-up, though. The colors are really beautiful.

And I had to laugh at your use of leftovers...very creative!

Thanks for all the eye candy!