Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Slow progress

I made slow progress yesterday and really did not get any weaving done. I am trying to finish some cardigans for my friends little girls (Emily and Sarah). Their grandma knit them matching cardigans. My job is sewing them together and doing the ribbing and duplicate stitch. Then I am making their American Girl dolls matching cardigans and finishing off with matching plaid skirts for all. It is a lot faster to dress a doll than a child. The finishing of one cardigan took me all day and part of the night last night. I just have to add red french knots and I will be finished with one. I hope to cut out the skirts today and finish the ribbing on the other. Usually, I do not mind finishing a sweater, but after working with lace weight alpaca and Lacey Lamb merino, the acrylic feels like coarse straw. I usually am not a yarn snob. Acrylic is most acceptable for a child's cardigan, but I am becoming a pampered yarn diva. I can't wait to show you a photo of one set completed. Maybe tomorrow........................
Here is a picture of a slice of my Lacey Lamb Square Sampler Shawl. When my son gets time to help his technologically challenged mom, I will put the charts on the web for anyone to download.

Here is a picture of my new needles in use!!!!!!! To some the colors are distracting, but in my old age, I gravitate to color. Also, they make my pale yarn more visible.

This is my latest book. These are exquisite, heirloom Christening sets to make. I hope to do a book next year in knitted ones. I plan on knitting one in size 10 crochet cotton and one in Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool Silk 2/18.

Well, kid's cardigans are calling me.


fleegle said...

Your crochet book looks lovely...I am a loser with a crochet hook, though.

And yeah, we are all turning into yarn snobs. I don't mind the feel of some acrylics, but they squeek!

Kay Meadors said...

Fleegle, that is so funny. I, too, was thinking how they squeak and how it was worse than nails on a chalk board!!!!! Some acrylic are worse than others.

DawnSierra said...

I got your lovely Christening crochet book from Amazon but I'm having trouble. I made the shell stitch bonnet and it was pretty easy and turned out rather nice I think. Though the booties (eep!) I'm really struggling with. I LOVE the shell booties but when I get to the instep part its a bit confusing to me and then I'm totally lost when it comes to the cuff. I could wing it but I'd really rather do it correctly. If you have some idea what I'm doing wrong I would LOVE any help at all.. no matter how little. Again I love your book and I can't wait to try my hand at everything in it!

Oh and I don't know if you belong to craftster but I did find you via ravelry. My username for both is dawnsierra...

Thanks again for the wonderful patterns! :D