Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grafting stitches, EEK!

I am about to graft some stitches on one of my last lace knitting pieces in my lace book. I have to turn in the last few items tomorrow. As usual, I am working up to the last minute. Grafting stitches is a job that I dread like the plague. I have put this off and now I have no choice but to finish it today. I am working with black lace weight alpaca yarn. It is fairly slick and I feel blind. This is always a scary process for me. It scares the stitches out of me and has me shaking in my hand-knit, hand-spun, hand-dyed socks. I have found that this blog on grafting stitches is very helpful and holds your hand through the process (thanks Fleegle). I do not know of a better way to graft stitches than this.
Today, my plans are to get this grafting done, block the shawl, finish one more scarf, and sew a shrug together. Hopefully, I will be able to sit and make some progress on my pink heather lace weight alpaca shawl that has to be done before Jan. I keep telling myself that when I get it done, I can play with whatever I want to. Am I the only one who has to hold a knitted carrot in front of myself as an incentive? Well, grafting calls!

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fleegle said...

fleegle blushes. She hates grafting too, which is why she figured out a better way :)