Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knitting, what else?

Yes, I am still knitting away at Christmas gifts. I finished another pair of the fingerless gloves this morning. Right now, I have been diverted from my Christmas knitting to help a friend. Her son wants a Elizabethtown hat made like the one worn by Kristen Dunst in that film for a good friend of his. He found a "freebie" on the web, but I had to tweak it. I have this aversion to increases at the top of ribbing not lining up. It was a change from the bazillion fingerless gloves and scarves that I have been cranking out.
I went to my LYS yesterday to find size 2.5 mm circular wooden needles in 16"/32" lengths. I needed these sizes so that on Jan 1st, I could start my "new year project". No luck on the needles, but I hit "pay dirt" on the yarn to use. I wanted a color that would go with everything, but I did not want a creamy ivory. I wanted a soft white. I had searched for days on the Internet to find the perfect yarn, the perfect color, the perfect blend. I loved the white of the Zephyr Jaggerspun 2/18, but it was too thick. I needed more of a cobweb weight yarn. I wanted something that was a blend of wool and silk like the Zephyr. I was even tempted to rip out my smoky pink Lacey Lamb square shawl that I had started in November and use that. I wanted a shawl color for spring and a soft white would go with everything and yet, white seemed so blah. Lo and behold at my LYS, my eyes fell upon a color of Lacey Lamb that I had not seen before! It was not creamy, it was not white, but it was perfect! So, it came home with me! The color is Light Mink.

I can't wait to knit it! I came home and ordered my needles from Knit Picks. They have 2.25 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.75 mm circulars in their harmony wood needles in lengths of 16", 24" and 32". As soon as they arrive, I will be on the ready to begin my "New Year Project". I think this a great way to begin the New Year's weight loss goal. What keeps your interest off of food better than a fabulous knitting project.

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