Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It did not feel like Christmas

For some reason, it did not feel like Christmas. I cannot put my finger on it. It may be that I had actually finished all my gift making by Tuesday and had everything wrapped. I am usually finishing gifts the day before. Wednesday and Thursday was spent doing some last minute shopping. Our son, Ben, loves to shop for Christmas. I was worn out both days and since he was still recovering from his oral surgery, we both took naps in the afternoon. Friday, we spent the day making 2 gallons of shrimp/crayfish gumbo. Our cousins came over for supper and Christmas fellowship. Saturday, we went to Trumann to see my mom and take her out to eat and shopping in Jonesboro. Sunday morning was church and later that night was a candlelight service. Monday was spent over at my husband's sister's family. Yesterday, we spent a fairly quiet day with just Poppy, my father-in-law. I made the traditional orange danish breakfast and started the Christmas ham to cooking while we opened gifts. I got a new 12 cup Cuisinart carafe coffeemaker, a pound of Cafe Estima Blend Starbucks coffee, a Cuisinart burr coffee grinder, dark chocolate with coffee bean bits in it, new ear buds for my CD player, a clip on reading light for knitting in the car at night on road trips, and "A Handweavers Pattern Book" by Margarite Porter Davidson.
I am at a loss on my knitting, right now. I am waiting until January 1st to begin a special project. I will be making my first Herbert Niebling project. I will start with the pattern know as "Lyra". It is so exquisite, that I am slightly fearful of it. I have purchased the yarn, Lacey Lamb, and have ordered all the circulars that I will need to complete it.
Right now, I am working on a Table runner. It will satisfy my knitting needs until Jan 1st. It is a sampler runner and is one of the many designs in my lace book that will be out next year. It is made in Patons Grace which is a size 3 cotton yarn. I predict that it will be one of the most knitted items in the book. It has 4 different lace pattern stitches and an edging. It will be a great learning tool for lace knitting and produce a lovely, useful item. I am already thinking about my Christmas knitting/weaving for next year. When I finish the table runner, I will be one gift ahead.
Last week, I received copies of my latest book. I was not aware that it was coming out so soon. It was a nice surprise. The front cover was so cute!


boo4baby said...

I got to look at this new book at Nancy's yesterday. It is awesome! I really liked some of the projects in there! You are so talented! Merry Christmas! And by the way, it didn't feel like Christmas to me either......and I don't know why. :D

fleegle said...

Something tells me you are a coffee freak :) That's an adorable book cover!

And it didn't feel much like Christmas here either. Wonder what's going on?

Jackie said...

Congrats on the new book! Also congrats on the fabulous gift score, the MPD book! I thumb through mine all the time!