Monday, December 17, 2007

Playing nurse, today!

I am playing nurse, today. I say "playing", because I am possibly the worse nurse in the world. It is not from lack of compassion, but lack of confidence and calm in a crisis. My 18 year old son had all 4 wisdom teeth cut out at 8:30 this morning. I just had 2 of mine out in Oct and I did not have a very good experience. I just don't handle crisis very well. I fall to pieces. I didn't handle colic well when he was a baby. I went to pieces right along with him. My Michael was the calm one there. When Ben had his tonsils and adenoids out, my mother-in-law was the calm that helped me take care of him. I can't stand for my kid to hurt. I am blessed with 4 best friends who are nurses and one who is a doctor's wife. So thankfully, I have good help for advice. While I nurse him through this, my gauge will stink and my knitting will resemble Kevlar. Welcome to motherhood, the most difficult job in the world.
I finished my pink alpaca shawl Friday. I am working on the last scarf for Christmas presents. I hope to finish it today and do some more wrapping. Happy Monday!

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boo4baby said...

Kay, I LOVE the fingerless gloves! I would love to have a pair for my birthday (in January). Maybe you could let Nancy know!!! : D They are sooooo cute!